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Latest Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed shazoom

Seed: shazoom
Posted by scarylemon

This seed spawns you on a small island with 1 tree.

Minecraft Seed 8700829340959843130

Seed: 8700829340959843130
Posted by stanphilip

This seed spawns you near a giant crater.

Minecraft Seed Seed

Seed: Seed
Posted by vel0cirapt0r

This seed makes you spawn near a village.

Minecraft Seed minecraft ftw!

Seed: minecraft ftw!
Posted by yomamma

This seed spawns you in a big forest with lots of animals (good for food). Then if you go north, you will find a HUGE...

Minecraft Seed imbored

Seed: imbored
Posted by wefweffr

Spawns you by a ravine with lots of ore and a tree in it!

Minecraft Seed pewdiepie

Seed: pewdiepie
Posted by MinecraftTristen

Giant jungle and, great place to kick!

Minecraft Seed automix

Seed: automix
Posted by benboy01

This seed has a plane land and hills. Zzz, I know, but also it has interesting features. Spawn and see a group of pigs,...

Minecraft Seed omgthisisgoingtobetougth

new world
Seed: omgthisisgoingtobetougth
Posted by benboy01

Spawns you in a almost endless npc village, mostly in swap.

Minecraft Seed 8987628577347372846

Endless ocan
Seed: 8987628577347372846
Posted by Fun20land

Spawns you in a large ocean. There is no land and is good for creating survival maps.