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Minecraft Seed -6587552393971536039

Seed: -6587552393971536039
Posted by malice733

Survival island!! In the middle of the ocean!! In this NEW update there are a TON of survival island seeds. (I have...

Minecraft Seed 1875372435197697959

Seed: 1875372435197697959
Posted by malice733

Woo! 1.8.2 is out! This seed has a couple of large islands with very few trees. Also! Theres a secret ravine at X:154 ...

Minecraft Seed CastleEdgeHillTasticTastyFarts

Epic for a lets play!
Seed: CastleEdgeHillTasticTastyFarts
Posted by DannyRyu01

Tip:remember to use caps You start off on a small island with very flat vertical stone walls and you spawn on a...

Minecraft Seed sparta

Seed: sparta
Posted by Mailguy01

You will spawn next to a beautiful little fort. Go in and you get gold, redstone, bones and flesh. But be careful there...

Minecraft Seed Soflat

Seed: Soflat
Posted by malice733

Lots of small flat areas, bumpy areas,and mountains. It has one of the largest cave systems i have ever seen. (Do the...

Minecraft Seed 1771749481093539701

Amazing cave system and emerald ore
Seed: 1771749481093539701
Posted by Crash_Shandicoot

This seed has a ravine on the edge of a desert and tundra biome. At the end there is another underground ravine where...

Minecraft Seed -545357050

flatland + world chunks 1.3.2
Seed: -545357050
Posted by Interprise

This seed is a mixture on flat land with overworld chunks missing. This might be a good survival map, also its in 1.3.2

Minecraft Seed BlueBerryPie

Mountains & Craters
Seed: BlueBerryPie
Posted by DeathByPieLOL

(NOTE: This is 1.3.2, Large Biomes) You spawn near a tree, on one side of you should be a crater, the other a...

Minecraft Seed 729533006

Seed: 729533006
Posted by malice733

This is a strange seed. it keeps giving me a different map each time I start a new game! At first i spawned right next...