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Minecraft Seed trollstakingover

Obsidian ravine
Seed: trollstakingover
Posted by Zylanox.V

There is obsidian at the bttom of the ravine at the surface at x-350.70000 y45.000 z271.30000. Hope you enjoy! (Plus a...

Minecraft Seed Gangnam Style

Seed: Gangnam Style
Posted by David091803

This seed has a huge cave and a swamp nearbye. The cave is full of materials like iron, coal, gold and redstone. The...

Minecraft Seed -4065374646356058072

Extreme tiny islands survival
Seed: -4065374646356058072
Posted by haalefbeth

Looking for some real challenge? Survive this map and you can call yourself a minecraft expert! (yes, it is possible to...

Minecraft Seed -1833543834

Seed: -1833543834
Posted by malice733

Super HUGE mountain range! Lots of Floating Islands and Overhangs! I think it has more than deadmau5! Im really hoping...

Minecraft Seed 31415926535897932384626433832795

Seed: 31415926535897932384626433832795
Posted by minecraftrocks

AWESOME SEED!!! on survival mode, go left up the hill and you'll see a waterfall. Pass it, and there will be an open...

Minecraft Seed 1203814252

NPC village spawn
Seed: 1203814252
Posted by swiming123

Huge desert with pyramid, and jungle close by. Huge flat lands, a lot of sheep and testificates.

Minecraft Seed herobrine was here (superflat)

Herobrine's Village
Seed: herobrine was here (superflat)
Posted by blocksahoy271

The features shown only work in superflat. There's an NPC village nearby with a glitched out villager...

Minecraft Seed :P

Underwater Dungeon!
Seed: :P
Posted by chrisblue619

If you go to this place: x=122 y=44 z=136 then you have found yourself an underwater spider spawner! In the...

Minecraft Seed sausagelemonyking

Dramatic Snowy Mountains
Seed: sausagelemonyking
Posted by chrisblue619

When you spawn, if you turn around, you will see huge ranges of white mountains. Have fun!