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Minecraft Seed Fuck this world

Seed: Fuck this world
Posted by joinjoin132

When you type this seed in you will get 3 byomes. Forest, desert, and plains.

Minecraft Seed -545920866

Dread Isles
Seed: -545920866
Posted by Knighthawq

You get some very small islands, some grass, a cave and a tree. Good luck with that.

Minecraft Seed boom@noon

Seed: boom@noon
Posted by i rule

This seed has 5 gold, 10 diamonds, 100 iron and 2 minerals above your spawn point.

Minecraft Seed -137076805

Seed: -137076805
Posted by Euanator43

This seed spawns you in a snowy plains, and near you should be a cavern with a skeleton dungeon. The rest of the map is...

Minecraft Seed leider geil

german guy111
Seed: leider geil
Posted by ehh

Spawns you between a snow biome, a tundra, a forest and in a grass land biome. In the bonus chest there are 3 stone...

Minecraft Seed 4782123996032218528

Seed: 4782123996032218528
Posted by ryzenhuth

In this seed you will find a village at the coordinates of X: -1264; Y: 66.000; Z: 157 Have fun with the villagers....

Minecraft Seed Horrid Seed

Seed: Horrid Seed
Posted by Grace

When you get on this seed, look around and advent ugly you will find mountains that look like there is a bridge over...

Minecraft Seed Big

Seed: Big
Posted by delter

A world that is snow-covered

Minecraft Seed 112233445566778899

Seed: 112233445566778899
Posted by bigrinhon

You spawn in a jungle biome. There will be a desert nearby, and on the corner of the desert near the spawn there should...