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Minecraft Seed 12345678987654321

The Real Survival Island!
Seed: 12345678987654321
Posted by z4fir

This is a legit survival island with a cave and one tree and other things....

Minecraft Seed 5576584473196270548

Seed: 5576584473196270548
Posted by MexXRL

My bro found a seed that has some extreme hills by the spawn point. There is a tree on top of the hill at 7, 110, 50....

Minecraft Seed heros village

MASSIVE NPC village!!!! (superflat seed)
Seed: heros village
Posted by Ninja0_o

WARNING!!! This is a superflat seed!!! You spawn at x: 593 z: 520 If you head east (don't move from spawn) for a...

Minecraft Seed UndergroundSurvival

Seed: UndergroundSurvival
Posted by Superhuman awesome

Go to blacksmith and there will be 2 diamonds look for all the dungeons and one will have a zombie generator


Ryan Spoon
Posted by aurum17

Large desert valley right next to a tundra, and close by the desert mountain, there is a village. There is also a...

Minecraft Seed notasnowybiome2

Nice Ravine
Seed: notasnowybiome2
Posted by Frostfire77

Dig straight down at x-53 z133 and you'll stumble on a cool ravine with lots of exposed gold, coal, iron, emerald, and...

Minecraft Seed potatopotatopotatopotato...

great for beginners
Seed: potatopotatopotatopotato...
Posted by cool12789

Great seed for beginners. Spawns in planes biome, near river, forest, swamp and desert. Tame hills and lots of animals.

Minecraft Seed ocean

Seed: ocean
Posted by cool12789

This seed spawns you in a forest with a river. Across the river are some epic extreme hills with pumpkins and nice...

Minecraft Seed nyan

Seed: nyan
Posted by Tlien

Spawns you about 45 blocks from lava source