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Minecraft Seed -6331827266257900346

Hilly Desert Meets Forest
Seed: -6331827266257900346
Posted by TheSnail8

This Large Biomes seed seems pretty plain at first, but there are plenty of interesting things in all directions around...

Minecraft Seed 1528064087

Island with 2 ravines and mineshaft
Seed: 1528064087
Posted by TheSnail8

This is a Large Biomes seed that drops you on a medium sized island with many trees. There is no land nearby (I quit...

Minecraft Seed dossier

Seed: dossier
Posted by KL

You spawn near a village with a stronghold underwater next to it.

Minecraft Seed -1309634265

Mushroom Heven!
Seed: -1309634265
Posted by Samus959

A jungle with a HUGE mushroom biome right at spawn. The mushroom biome takes up half the map!

Minecraft Seed -732189584

Amazing mountains
Seed: -732189584
Posted by bananaspliterXL

Giant mountains off spawn, amazing view!

Minecraft Seed cajagoogoo

Seed: cajagoogoo
Posted by dallamallama

Some of the cool things are: Floating island valley: 26 75 453 Low floating island: -279 66 405 L valley: 475 89...

Minecraft Seed -1140607552

Epic Extreme Hills
Seed: -1140607552
Posted by TheDutchCraftGamer

You spawn nearby a massive extreme hills biome with epic overhangs and waterfalls.

Minecraft Seed 7301042661524263971

Seed: 7301042661524263971
Posted by JacobG2004

Best seed I have ever seen in my life! Found a cave with an area with coal, iron, 4 diamonds, 2 emeralds and gold close...

Minecraft Seed 3381130266044714162

Seed: 3381130266044714162
Posted by kittenpower0214

Small grassy island with desert nearby. I haven't really explored the desert island, but I found a dungeon.