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Minecraft Seed -1906412690

Seed: -1906412690
Posted by abbsgrace

This seed on super flat has 2 villages, each with a blacksmith shop not far form spawn.

Minecraft Seed -1033488169

Seed: -1033488169
Posted by harbo

Spawns you in a jungle in the desert where you can find a village with a temple.

Minecraft Seed 25498546529675

Seed: 25498546529675
Posted by harbo

This seed spawns you in a nice biome with pigs cows and seep with lots of trees

Minecraft Seed harbo

Seed: harbo
Posted by harbo

Amazing seed! It has a temple close to spawn with diamonds!

Minecraft Seed -8035070720912597422

Seed: -8035070720912597422
Posted by harbo

This seed isn't much but does have a temple close to spawn.

Minecraft Seed 4357700575662312675

Michael Sullivan
Seed: 4357700575662312675
Posted by michael_sullivan36@yahoo.com

Spawn on small island with REALLY DEEP LAKE. Larger island (plains) north, desert west.

Minecraft Seed 7040318799575302144

Michael Sullivan
Seed: 7040318799575302144
Posted by michael_sullivan36@yahoo.com

Spawn in jungle with pumpkins in front of you and a jungle temple behind you.

Minecraft Seed 6903564569571931826

Seed: 6903564569571931826
Posted by brofist69125

It's a nice little place with a jungle near by

Minecraft Seed -5465619215092139468

Beautiful Starter Seed
Seed: -5465619215092139468
Posted by Samus959

A wonderful seed,it is very beautiful. It has plenty of room to build, beautiful surroundings, lovely beaches, tons of...