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Minecraft Seed -132138685

Survival island
Seed: -132138685
Posted by irving_280

Seed that spawns you in an island. There is also another small island near it not too far.

Minecraft Seed 4232586694733627863

Seed: 4232586694733627863
Posted by The_Skrill

I only try this at 1.12. Make the sea level 65 high(customized map). The map part that i know has some dungeons and...

Minecraft Seed -6470983722818123794

Desert Village on Water
Seed: -6470983722818123794
Posted by Morningstar

You can find a beautiful Village on water which looks very nice. XYZ: 90/65/50

Minecraft Seed 79465856675126254

stronghold near spawn
Seed: 79465856675126254
Posted by Crump_

There is a stronghold at coordinates 41-40-562 not far from spawn. The stronghold also includes a legendary dungeon...

Minecraft Seed 73424558

Seed: 73424558
Posted by meow

Got biomes o┬┤plenty mod.. 2 nicely flat villages, just 500m appart. 1st one u see at spawn point, second one is almost...

Minecraft Seed -2844396530271752791

Seed: -2844396530271752791
Posted by meow

Tropical island for a treehouse :) Nice biomes surrounding it a little further away. Creative mode paradise.

Minecraft Seed -1510695143671381829

Frozen Lake
Seed: -1510695143671381829
Posted by _Dwarf__

For a true neandertal survival experience.

Minecraft Seed -6239436737381387169

Village in a beautiful setting (Great amazon-like river)
Seed: -6239436737381387169
Posted by _Dwarf__

A small village surrounded by a forest with mushrooms and large trees and plains (there are also marsh behind and...

Minecraft Seed -8132038583905200747

Beautiful village in a beautiful place spawn.
Seed: -8132038583905200747
Posted by _Dwarf__

A small village in the center of plains with forests around that contain some giant mushrooms and nearby pumpkins and...