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Minecraft Seed Mr.Creeper

Mr.Coal & Mrs.Iron
Seed: Mr.Creeper
Posted by Kellyrobinson

At spawn dig down and you will get coal and iron.

Minecraft Seed Mr.Poop

Seed: Mr.Poop
Posted by Kellyrobinson

This seed has coal at spawn just dig down.

Minecraft Seed picklemen

Seed: picklemen
Posted by DeathByPieLOL

You spawn in an ocean biome with a perfect survival island next to you.

Minecraft Seed seed are not pro

Seed: seed are not pro
Posted by Dandanthemadman

There is some clay where you spawn, next to a snow biome, hills and snowy hills. Small minecraft pocket edition.

Minecraft Seed 1004909958461323876

Seed: 1004909958461323876
Posted by ploik

Huge ravine with two dungeons!

Minecraft Seed 904563429045xs

Seed: 904563429045xs
Posted by Joeben04

Awesome seed with lots of mountains.

Minecraft Seed -659687616

mushroom biome
Seed: -659687616
Posted by popben56

You spawn on a grassy island next to a mushroom biome! There's an underwater cave at x: -342.86549 y: 51.000 z:...

Minecraft Seed BubbleGum

Epic jungle island!!!
Seed: BubbleGum
Posted by true_legend8

You spawn on a jungle island, and there are also some sheeps on the island.

Minecraft Seed aaaaaaa

7a's equals one jungle temple
Seed: aaaaaaa
Posted by true_legend8

This is a seed that spawns you in a jungle biome. Also there is a jungle temple under your feet when you spawn! That...