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Minecraft Seed 134567890134567890

Seed: 134567890134567890
Posted by royal

Yhis seed spawns you right next to a village and under alot of things to mine

Minecraft Seed -6558019169196708102

Seed: -6558019169196708102
Posted by bbluvzminecraft

Spawns in a plains biome with many flowers right next to a village. In the blacksmith's chest there are four pieces of...

Minecraft Seed Thebestseed

Seed: Thebestseed
Posted by Ioanloki

Good survival island, with mostly water. It is a good seed if you feel like a viking. Xbox edition

Minecraft Seed Ilikelol

Seed: Ilikelol
Posted by Blackburn501

This is a weird minecraft seed where you find vertical stone, and vertical dirt walls. Seed works for 1.5

Minecraft Seed 52968279506653579

super seed
Seed: 52968279506653579
Posted by death halk

This seed spawns you in a big plains biome with a huge cave and npc village, with a house that would make the perfect...

Minecraft Seed jadestone rain

Seed: jadestone rain
Posted by gerbilscamper

Tiny village seed. Forgot the coordinates but turn north east from spawn and go straight ahead past the mountain with...

Minecraft Seed -8424895610139501711

Seed: -8424895610139501711
Posted by dragon_crafting

Spawns near a village with a blacksmith that contains: Iron boots and helmet, Iron sword, 4 iron ingots, 4 saplings and...

Minecraft Seed 1532835088

Seed: 1532835088
Posted by dragon_crafting

Spawns you near a village with a blacksmith with an iron sword, pickaxe, 2 boots and an iron ingot. There is also a...

Minecraft Seed TinyTurtle

Seed: TinyTurtle
Posted by malice733

Large Survival Island with lots of animals, 1 tree, sugarcane, pumpkins, caves, ravines, and mushroom island. Have...