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Minecraft Seed 7597009366509327692

1.4 amplified!
Seed: 7597009366509327692
Posted by Hollaman

This seed is for 1.4 use only, but it looks like a 1.7.2 amplified world!! Seriously the world has massive hills and...

Minecraft Seed -6444466915932796749

Seed: -6444466915932796749
Posted by percila510

When you spawn, you're in a tiny patch of oak trees. But seriously, the patch is tiny. Next to it is a HUGE Plains...

Minecraft Seed harrypotterrocks

Seed: harrypotterrocks
Posted by epicninja6313

This seed has a huge cave and a lava fall. And close to the lava fall is a water fall!

Minecraft Seed 8936998158223775496

Seed: 8936998158223775496
Posted by Sketch

This epic seed will plant you down right between a forest and a massive mushroom biome. Behind the mushroom biome, a...

Minecraft Seed -3009733588455334789

Minecraft 1.7.4 Mushroom Biome
Seed: -3009733588455334789
Posted by XxEvilzPalmzaxX

You will spawn on an island. The island have some horses and some trees. If you walk for 300 blocks in the direction of...

Minecraft Seed 114391067

Seed: 114391067
Posted by anonomus

You spawn on an island with pigs and lots of other islands around it, with one contaning a strange savana. Perfect...

Minecraft Seed 888888888888888

Seed: 888888888888888
Posted by minecraft fan 392

This seed is very good! You spawn at a cave entrance with iron ores. At the end of the cave is a dungeon that spawns...

Minecraft Seed Saten`s lair.

Seed: Saten`s lair.
Posted by anonomus

It`s a winter wonder land, ravine next to spawn! No pics, find out for yourself.

Minecraft Seed -2086857266948822263

Seed: -2086857266948822263
Posted by Herox26

Mega Mesa at spawn with village nearby * Looks the coolest on Amplified settings You spawn in the rare mesa biome...