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Minecraft Seed -6955019099781801848

Villager Pyramide 1.4.7
Seed: -6955019099781801848
Posted by _delp_

A villager town with a near Pyramide. Coordinats of Picture 1 : x: -257 z: -161

Minecraft Seed 8439875400

Seed: 8439875400
Posted by lols

Nice tiny survival island

Minecraft Seed Thebestseed

Seed: Thebestseed
Posted by Ioanloki

Good survival island, with mostly water. It is a good seed if you feel like a viking. Xbox edition

Minecraft Seed i want a village

Seed: i want a village
Posted by GravityPie

This is a awesome seed. This seed is a double ravine with a lot of caves connected to it. There is 24 diamonds and 17...

Minecraft Seed UndergroundSurvival

Seed: UndergroundSurvival
Posted by Superhuman awesome

Go to blacksmith and there will be 2 diamonds look for all the dungeons and one will have a zombie generator

Minecraft Seed [F4N]

Seed: [F4N]
Posted by f4n.netai.net

I used my clan tag name and the seed that appeared was damn awesome. I'm not posting any screens. Explore it...

Minecraft Seed gimme a mommy sandwitch

Misspelling sandwich gives u a witch!!
Seed: gimme a mommy sandwitch
Posted by MrLollies

I accidentally misspelled sandwitch and it gave me a witch hut with a witch right near spawn! There is also a HUGE...

Minecraft Seed 1171544198849424676

Tutorial of Awsome
Seed: 1171544198849424676
Posted by WESLEY

Large island with castles and challenges, so many tunnels and tunnels, and so much more !

Minecraft Seed 6341279085820911866

This Seed Spawns You IN A Village
Seed: 6341279085820911866
Posted by joshissac

This Seed literally spawns you on the roof of a house in a village. Seed is for MC 1.5.2