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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed gumgumpistol

wolf pack at start
Seed: gumgumpistol
Posted by applesaucemidget

A game glitch starts you off with like 20 wolves around you, and they follow you even though they aren't tamed. Yes,...

Minecraft Seed Thebestseed

Seed: Thebestseed
Posted by Ioanloki

Good survival island, with mostly water. It is a good seed if you feel like a viking. Xbox edition

Minecraft Seed Metroid Prime 3 Rundas

Great Mining and Farming Seed
Seed: Metroid Prime 3 Rundas
Posted by Samus959

This seed has some wicked mountains! And plenty of animals, and lots of exposed ores and mining spots with great...

Minecraft Seed zombies are not real

Zombies are not real
Seed: zombies are not real
Posted by WallaceMerrett

Flat land with some trees, sorry.

Minecraft Seed desert temple

Arthur Caron
Seed: desert temple
Posted by funnydog890

Spawn near a temple and a village with a blacksmith. The temple has diamonds, bones, rotten flesh, iron ingots, and...

Minecraft Seed minecraft ftw!

Seed: minecraft ftw!
Posted by yomamma

This seed spawns you in a big forest with lots of animals (good for food). Then if you go north, you will find a HUGE...

Minecraft Seed :P

Underwater Dungeon!
Seed: :P
Posted by chrisblue619

If you go to this place: x=122 y=44 z=136 then you have found yourself an underwater spider spawner! In the...

Minecraft Seed shit

Seed: shit
Posted by carel13

Huge caves, lots of water, stone, diamonds and lava pits that go all the way down to the bed rock, and huge underground...

Minecraft Seed 500004440

Amazing World
Seed: 500004440
Posted by Spartan117

Spawn in a taiga biome, go east and keep going east then you'll find a lava pit. Continue going east and you will find...