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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed CN3K

Seed: CN3K
Posted by chucknorris3000

Just as a test, I plugged in my soundcloud name as my seed. It spawns you DIRECTLY NEXT TO A JUNGLE TEMPLE. Within...

Minecraft Seed Hugh

Hugh Tamlin
Seed: Hugh
Posted by Nazizombies222

You spawn between a huge hill and some large mountains.

Minecraft Seed village

lava pool
Seed: village
Posted by p0op0o12345

You spawn near a jungle and a lava pool.

Minecraft Seed gumgumpistol

wolf pack at start
Seed: gumgumpistol
Posted by applesaucemidget

A game glitch starts you off with like 20 wolves around you, and they follow you even though they aren't tamed. Yes,...

Minecraft Seed Gangnam Style

Seed: Gangnam Style
Posted by David091803

This seed has a huge cave and a swamp nearbye. The cave is full of materials like iron, coal, gold and redstone. The...

Minecraft Seed ocean

Seed: ocean
Posted by cool12789

This seed spawns you in a forest with a river. Across the river are some epic extreme hills with pumpkins and nice...

Minecraft Seed village pls

Seed: village pls
Posted by lorsherobrine11

There is a vilage and a secret cave with an end portal.

Minecraft Seed 110813

cool caves and a ravine
Seed: 110813
Posted by evilsteve

This seed has cool caves and an underground ravine close to the surface. In one of them i found 4 diamonds! Now I...

Minecraft Seed :P

Underwater Dungeon!
Seed: :P
Posted by chrisblue619

If you go to this place: x=122 y=44 z=136 then you have found yourself an underwater spider spawner! In the...