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Minecraft Seed 8700829340959843130

Seed: 8700829340959843130
Posted by stanphilip

This seed spawns you near a giant crater.

Minecraft Seed 8700829340959843130

giant hole
Seed: 8700829340959843130
Posted by Μάριος

A giant hole in front of you

Minecraft Seed walruswalruswalrus

Seed: walruswalruswalrus
Posted by hloy1130

You spwan in a blacksmithing village, and at the start there is a chest full of iron a diamonds

Minecraft Seed Dovahkiin

Seed: Dovahkiin
Posted by imdadog

This seed spawns you in a forest. There is a desert nearby and an NPC Village with some Diamonds in a chest in one of...

Minecraft Seed 112233445566778899

Seed: 112233445566778899
Posted by bigrinhon

You spawn in a jungle biome. There will be a desert nearby, and on the corner of the desert near the spawn there should...

Minecraft Seed -2086857266948822263

Seed: -2086857266948822263
Posted by Herox26

Mega Mesa at spawn with village nearby * Looks the coolest on Amplified settings You spawn in the rare mesa biome...

Minecraft Seed -2665759314617796053

Small Island, next to a bigger one!
Seed: -2665759314617796053
Posted by Sith

You spawn on a small island, if you go southwest, toward the way (there is a small 3 block island of sand), you will...

Minecraft Seed 947838982569049993

Seed: 947838982569049993
Posted by TheVoidWithin

A breathtaking seed which spawns right in the middle of a snowy world, surrounded by high-altitude mountains which are...

Minecraft Seed village pls

Seed: village pls
Posted by lorsherobrine11

There is a vilage and a secret cave with an end portal.