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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed 555444333222111

Seed: 555444333222111
Posted by miner23456

Has 5 villages and an epic cave.

Minecraft Seed Valve

Seed: Valve
Posted by TheMajester

At x = -140 and z = 214, there are 3 ravines intersecting each other. This creates a tunnel which goes to around layer...

Minecraft Seed WhatDahFock

Seed: WhatDahFock
Posted by minermatthew

This seed has 3 biomes really close to each other, and the coolest place to live !

Minecraft Seed 2943350944173856326

Warm Ocean (1.13 Snapshot)
Seed: 2943350944173856326
Posted by Glllow

Use in Minecraft 18w11a This seed contains a warm ocean biome at coordinates: X-325 Y-47 Z-1169

Minecraft Seed village pls

Seed: village pls
Posted by lorsherobrine11

There is a vilage and a secret cave with an end portal.

Minecraft Seed skrillex

Seed: skrillex
Posted by geodude62

Dig down and there is an abandoned mine shaft and an iron pick in the chest. You have to dig down from exactly wher you...

Minecraft Seed -4065374646356058072

Extreme tiny islands survival
Seed: -4065374646356058072
Posted by haalefbeth

Looking for some real challenge? Survive this map and you can call yourself a minecraft expert! (yes, it is possible to...

Minecraft Seed 12345678987654321

The Real Survival Island!
Seed: 12345678987654321
Posted by z4fir

This is a legit survival island with a cave and one tree and other things....

Minecraft Seed lostlostlost

Seed: lostlostlost
Posted by mr epic

This spawns you near a village, but you have to wait for it to load to see it. There are also a lot of animals