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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed Kinglordmrdonut

Seed: Kinglordmrdonut
Posted by WallaceMerrett

A forest inbetween mountains but with a unique cave system that kills all of the cows

Minecraft Seed 52968279506653579

super seed
Seed: 52968279506653579
Posted by death halk

This seed spawns you in a big plains biome with a huge cave and npc village, with a house that would make the perfect...

Minecraft Seed Big

Seed: Big
Posted by delter

A world that is snow-covered

Minecraft Seed 1672184498917379323

The jungle villlage
Seed: 1672184498917379323
Posted by Albin

Spawns you near a village next to a colossal jungle biome. It has a brilliant ore supply. In the blacksmith's chest you...

Minecraft Seed Princess Twilight Sparkle

Seed: Princess Twilight Sparkle
Posted by sophus00

You spawn on a cool little jungle island with a lake in a middle and a temple on the north side of the island. A large...

Minecraft Seed nyan

Seed: nyan
Posted by Tlien

Spawns you about 45 blocks from lava source

Minecraft Seed sheep

Seed: sheep
Posted by scarylemon

You spawn in a snowy forest next to a herd of sheep.

Minecraft Seed bobsback

my bunch of islands
Seed: bobsback
Posted by lbanksy

This seed spawns you at a peek. Walk to the edge and look to the right and the islands will appear

Minecraft Seed sparta

Seed: sparta
Posted by Mailguy01

You will spawn next to a beautiful little fort. Go in and you get gold, redstone, bones and flesh. But be careful there...