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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed foxysox

Seed: foxysox
Posted by Shishiao

Spawns on a roofed forest island with a swamp to the west with a village on the other side a little further west and...

Minecraft Seed 2606402402270123088

Seed: 2606402402270123088
Posted by slackermommy

This is a great beginner survival seed. You spawn in a small plains area surrounded by desert. - There are several...

Minecraft Seed 8259261698380053424

Seed: 8259261698380053424
Posted by SwazieRuns

3 ocean monuments and a flower island!

Minecraft Seed -132138685

Survival island
Seed: -132138685
Posted by irving_280

Seed that spawns you in an island. There is also another small island near it not too far.

Minecraft Seed potatopotatopotatopotato...

great for beginners
Seed: potatopotatopotatopotato...
Posted by cool12789

Great seed for beginners. Spawns in planes biome, near river, forest, swamp and desert. Tame hills and lots of animals.

Minecraft Seed Mr.Poop

Seed: Mr.Poop
Posted by Kellyrobinson

This seed has coal at spawn just dig down.

Minecraft Seed Mr.Creeper

Mr.Coal & Mrs.Iron
Seed: Mr.Creeper
Posted by Kellyrobinson

At spawn dig down and you will get coal and iron.

Minecraft Seed Saten`s lair.

Seed: Saten`s lair.
Posted by anonomus

It`s a winter wonder land, ravine next to spawn! No pics, find out for yourself.