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Minecraft Seed -2844396530271752791

Seed: -2844396530271752791
Posted by meow

Tropical island for a treehouse :) Nice biomes surrounding it a little further away. Creative mode paradise.

Minecraft Seed -6470983722818123794

Desert Village on Water
Seed: -6470983722818123794
Posted by Morningstar

You can find a beautiful Village on water which looks very nice. XYZ: 90/65/50

Minecraft Seed survival island please?

Seed: survival island please?
Posted by malice733

The best survival island seed i have seen for xbox edition. Has: 1 tree, 1 small stack of sugar cane, 2-3 small water...

Minecraft Seed 2943350944173856326

Warm Ocean (1.13 Snapshot)
Seed: 2943350944173856326
Posted by Glllow

Use in Minecraft 18w11a This seed contains a warm ocean biome at coordinates: X-325 Y-47 Z-1169

Minecraft Seed -1218440415826553384

Sandy islands with ocean monument!
Seed: -1218440415826553384
Posted by MegaNikiGaming

DISCLAIMER: This seed needs large biomes on! This archipelago is made mostly of sand and works in 1.12 and over.

Minecraft Seed 1388582293

tripple village
Seed: 1388582293
Posted by MochaFoxIsCool1

Triple villages!! I got in like 1.12 but I think it still works! There is also a cave nearby.

Minecraft Seed 4539934368915031337

Mountian VIllage 1.12 Buried Blacksmith
Seed: 4539934368915031337
Posted by dxmcu

This is a seed where at xyz: 237 80 364 there is a mountain village. In survival, just follow the x coordinates until...

Minecraft Seed -1166659617

Ice Flowers
Seed: -1166659617
Posted by zabalaj

You're spawned either at or near a Flower Forest, and across the forest is a rather impressive Ice Spikes Biome! 1.12.

Minecraft Seed foxysox

Seed: foxysox
Posted by Shishiao

Spawns on a roofed forest island with a swamp to the west with a village on the other side a little further west and...