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Minecraft Seed -1911573869594502745

Village at 0 - 0!
Seed: -1911573869594502745
Posted by Id Rather Not

You spawn in a plains biome with a bunch of animals. Not too far is a village. The cords are actually 0 0!

Minecraft Seed -4090618277788090875

Seed: -4090618277788090875
Posted by atchou69

Village in Messa with Border forest. Rare find with many caves and underground ravines access by village, gold,...

Minecraft Seed aniceseed

Pink Sheep Forest
Seed: aniceseed
Posted by Minecrafterpl102

I found a pink sheep just a few block from spawn.

Minecraft Seed boredom

Seed: boredom
Posted by Ralgeth

Spawns you in a HUGE forest next to a large hill that is a great mining source. For version 1.9.2

Minecraft Seed 7046260945803993572

Seed: 7046260945803993572
Posted by Amydiamonds

Look at this amazing naturally spawn beach lava river! Version:1.10.2

Minecraft Seed -1738069569

Forest with a big Lake
Seed: -1738069569
Posted by TheRealFluxery

The seed is a huge forest with a big lake going through it with some small mountains here and there.

Minecraft Seed survival island please?

Seed: survival island please?
Posted by malice733

The best survival island seed i have seen for xbox edition. Has: 1 tree, 1 small stack of sugar cane, 2-3 small water...

Minecraft Seed 79465856675126254

stronghold near spawn
Seed: 79465856675126254
Posted by Crump_

There is a stronghold at coordinates 41-40-562 not far from spawn. The stronghold also includes a legendary dungeon...

Minecraft Seed 4232586694733627863

Seed: 4232586694733627863
Posted by The_Skrill

I only try this at 1.12. Make the sea level 65 high(customized map). The map part that i know has some dungeons and...