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Minecraft Seed 1917775778225924635

Seed: 1917775778225924635
Posted by atchou69

Village with extreme hills with waterfalls and islands with lava falls. Very very beautiful.

Minecraft Seed -320926324685902345

Zombie village
Seed: -320926324685902345
Posted by princelypunk

Spawn in the middle of an acacia village at the waters edge... but there are no villagers, only zombies! This is in...

Minecraft Seed mcbc

Seed: mcbc
Posted by kidalder

An awesome seed with a huge village at spawn and another village right next to it. The big village has 1 smith with 5...

Minecraft Seed 79465856675126254

stronghold near spawn
Seed: 79465856675126254
Posted by Crump_

There is a stronghold at coordinates 41-40-562 not far from spawn. The stronghold also includes a legendary dungeon...

Minecraft Seed 1661488210292900564

Seed: 1661488210292900564
Posted by rondavid

Hello! This Is A cool 1.8.9 Seed! Sorry its outdated But I couldn't Resist! You Spawn In A savanna biome. Just go...

Minecraft Seed -7631448613414097023

Not-so empty Desert
Seed: -7631448613414097023
Posted by Dirty Shisno

Awesome seed! I found: 3x Villages (656 68 92)(335 65 140)(-213 64 -41) 4x Temples (330 71 314)(521 73 26)(858 74...

Minecraft Seed 145024058608825970

Seed: 145024058608825970
Posted by gibee101

Great beach at x:5 y:72 z:397, great boating spot at x:114 y:63 z:188

Minecraft Seed -5937840429452480726

Nature Beauty
Seed: -5937840429452480726
Posted by kadriel360

This Minecraft seed is for 1.10 version but it work for previous versions. Personally I perfer 1.10 version because it...

Minecraft Seed -985834130846846163

5 biomes at spawn
Seed: -985834130846846163
Posted by girlofthegame

This seed spawns you in a Plains biome, with a Desert, Savannah, Forest and Jungle within 200 blocks.