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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed utopias

Seed: utopias
Posted by z115

Edge of forest spawn, with a weird island to your left. If you sail to the left you will find swamp with a witche's hut.

Minecraft Seed 6386437743870426166

The Beautiful Jungle That Is 220k Blocks Away
Seed: 6386437743870426166
Posted by DogFood_

I found a really cool looking jungle, the coords are in the pictures, I want to avoid typos, but all in all, it looks...

Minecraft Seed ipeedonititsmine

Seed: ipeedonititsmine
Posted by AntiveninAngel

Spawns in a mega Taiga, for 1.11

Minecraft Seed lake

Seed: lake
Posted by Cciisawesome

Pumpkins near spawn, deep under spawn is a cave with all ores and lava

Minecraft Seed 55

ice spike plane at spawn
Seed: 55
Posted by hayn3

This seed has ice spikes by spawn, and more far away.

Minecraft Seed 5119515213927157496

Ice Spikes at Spawn
Seed: 5119515213927157496
Posted by SCAgamer

This is a seed where you spawn next to a rare Ice Spikes biome.

Minecraft Seed -909549689655136654

Vilage at Spawn+Ravine With Lots of Iron
Seed: -909549689655136654
Posted by _Warray_

This spanw is near a desert, taiga and plain biomes.

Minecraft Seed 1970470041

Ice plains and mountains
Seed: 1970470041
Posted by Hayn3

This seed is a good seed because it has huge mountains and ice plains by the spawn.

Minecraft Seed Cargeth

2 villages by spawn
Seed: Cargeth
Posted by Tinsely~pear~66

There are 2 villages next to the spawn, with 1 blacksmith and a good home for survival.