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Minecraft Seed -2146957391

Epic Minecraft Xbox edition Jungle(s)
Seed: -2146957391
Posted by Drake

TU12 is here! Please read ALL of this text so you dont screw up. This seed has 3 1/2 jungle biomes, (2 are good sized)...

Minecraft Seed -627824354246690738

Seed: -627824354246690738
Posted by Yblocks

This 1.7.2 seed has at (x)170 (y)66 (z)622 a jungle temple with 3 diamonds, 11 gold ingots, 4 iron ingots, an enchanted...

Minecraft Seed -1093330525068096252

Small Island
Seed: -1093330525068096252
Posted by WilliamZulu

This seed spawns you on a small island in the ocean with a few trees on it.

Minecraft Seed 629204784141752326

Great Island spawn seed. W/ Trees
Seed: 629204784141752326
Posted by Gatewayuser200

A small island half of which is covered with trees. Others islands exist but are fairly far. Map is zoomed out...

Minecraft Seed botanest

Seed: botanest
Posted by IggyBug3

Terrific seed with millions (literally) of mountains. I would estimate the spawn point is pretty close to as high as...

Minecraft Seed -1408448793220679396

Seed: -1408448793220679396
Posted by imapro123

This is a seed that have village, dungeon, and desert temple. You have to teleport yourself to 845 100 121 and change...

Minecraft Seed 6386437743870426166

The Beautiful Jungle That Is 220k Blocks Away
Seed: 6386437743870426166
Posted by DogFood_

I found a really cool looking jungle, the coords are in the pictures, I want to avoid typos, but all in all, it looks...

Minecraft Seed 1329099216

Normal Village
Seed: 1329099216
Posted by Dragonfire5548

In this seed it's simple there's one village with one blacksmith. To find this village, when you spawn in creative...

Minecraft Seed -1510695143671381829

Frozen Lake
Seed: -1510695143671381829
Posted by _Dwarf__

For a true neandertal survival experience.