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Minecraft Seed 7040318799575302144

Michael Sullivan
Seed: 7040318799575302144
Posted by michael_sullivan36@yahoo.com

Spawn in jungle with pumpkins in front of you and a jungle temple behind you.

Minecraft Seed 74417121

the micture
Seed: 74417121
Posted by damirisawesome

You spawn in a plains biome and next to you is a flower forest. If you keep going straight you will find a cave, and if...

Minecraft Seed botanest

Seed: botanest
Posted by IggyBug3

Terrific seed with millions (literally) of mountains. I would estimate the spawn point is pretty close to as high as...

Minecraft Seed 1329099216

Normal Village
Seed: 1329099216
Posted by Dragonfire5548

In this seed it's simple there's one village with one blacksmith. To find this village, when you spawn in creative...

Minecraft Seed -8717761638602041190

Good for survival seed
Seed: -8717761638602041190
Posted by GreenFlaming1689

If your like me and you always spawn in a jungle this is the perfect seed. You spawn right in the middle of a grassland...

Minecraft Seed -8035070720912597422

Seed: -8035070720912597422
Posted by harbo

This seed isn't much but does have a temple close to spawn.

Minecraft Seed -2146957391

Epic Minecraft Xbox edition Jungle(s)
Seed: -2146957391
Posted by Drake

TU12 is here! Please read ALL of this text so you dont screw up. This seed has 3 1/2 jungle biomes, (2 are good sized)...

Minecraft Seed -627824354246690738

Seed: -627824354246690738
Posted by Yblocks

This 1.7.2 seed has at (x)170 (y)66 (z)622 a jungle temple with 3 diamonds, 11 gold ingots, 4 iron ingots, an enchanted...

Minecraft Seed 5119515213927157496

Ice Spikes at Spawn
Seed: 5119515213927157496
Posted by SCAgamer

This is a seed where you spawn next to a rare Ice Spikes biome.