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Minecraft Seed ivemecookies

the kind is 11.1
Seed: ivemecookies
Posted by zoey

It has a cool cave

Minecraft Seed -8132038583905200747

Beautiful village in a beautiful place spawn.
Seed: -8132038583905200747
Posted by _Dwarf__

A small village in the center of plains with forests around that contain some giant mushrooms and nearby pumpkins and...

Minecraft Seed 13w22a

Water and Lava
Seed: 13w22a
Posted by waffledoctor87

If you need a quick source of cobblestone, there is a water lake right next to a lava lake about 50 blocks from a swamp...

Minecraft Seed alexhead8858

Seed: alexhead8858
Posted by cat

Spawn in a village, right by a blacksmith, with one emerald. Only for Pocket edition 0.10.5

Minecraft Seed 6829293284268206297

Lots of stuff
Seed: 6829293284268206297
Posted by Jakebagel64

I just opened up a creative world, and I spawned in a village! After exploring the general area, (you will have to go...

Minecraft Seed -8035070720912597422

Seed: -8035070720912597422
Posted by harbo

This seed isn't much but does have a temple close to spawn.

Minecraft Seed -8717761638602041190

Good for survival seed
Seed: -8717761638602041190
Posted by GreenFlaming1689

If your like me and you always spawn in a jungle this is the perfect seed. You spawn right in the middle of a grassland...

Minecraft Seed 31198854889558449029

Seed: 31198854889558449029
Posted by SonicWing BoomGames

A great seed for adventure and building

Minecraft Seed 74417121

the micture
Seed: 74417121
Posted by damirisawesome

You spawn in a plains biome and next to you is a flower forest. If you keep going straight you will find a cave, and if...