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Minecraft Seed 1875372435197697959

Seed: 1875372435197697959
Posted by malice733

Woo! 1.8.2 is out! This seed has a couple of large islands with very few trees. Also! Theres a secret ravine at X:154 ...

Minecraft Seed 95432

Seed: 95432
Posted by SnakeEater

While at first it looks like an ordinary world, you soon discover that there's a lot more underneath. There's a hidden...

Minecraft Seed alexhead8858

Seed: alexhead8858
Posted by cat

Spawn in a village, right by a blacksmith, with one emerald. Only for Pocket edition 0.10.5

Minecraft Seed ivemecookies

the kind is 11.1
Seed: ivemecookies
Posted by zoey

It has a cool cave

Minecraft Seed 629204784141752326

Great Island spawn seed. W/ Trees
Seed: 629204784141752326
Posted by Gatewayuser200

A small island half of which is covered with trees. Others islands exist but are fairly far. Map is zoomed out...

Minecraft Seed 13w22a

Water and Lava
Seed: 13w22a
Posted by waffledoctor87

If you need a quick source of cobblestone, there is a water lake right next to a lava lake about 50 blocks from a swamp...

Minecraft Seed 6829293284268206297

Lots of stuff
Seed: 6829293284268206297
Posted by Jakebagel64

I just opened up a creative world, and I spawned in a village! After exploring the general area, (you will have to go...

Minecraft Seed -1738069569

Forest with a big Lake
Seed: -1738069569
Posted by TheRealFluxery

The seed is a huge forest with a big lake going through it with some small mountains here and there.

Minecraft Seed -1093330525068096252

Small Island
Seed: -1093330525068096252
Posted by WilliamZulu

This seed spawns you on a small island in the ocean with a few trees on it.