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Minecraft Seed yogtowers

Yogcast Seed
Seed: yogtowers
Posted by Cobwebster

This seed spawns you in the middle of the ocean with very small islands, some provide you with trees and food and...

Minecraft Seed 7040318799575302144

Michael Sullivan
Seed: 7040318799575302144
Posted by michael_sullivan36@yahoo.com

Spawn in jungle with pumpkins in front of you and a jungle temple behind you.

Minecraft Seed -874825551401

mushroom plus under sea temple
Seed: -874825551401
Posted by flowernet

You spawn on a small island not far from a forest island and a mushroom island. There is also a sea temple (1.8) right...

Minecraft Seed tete

The African dessert
Seed: tete
Posted by pvp_girl_0906

When you first spawn you will see a tall weed then fly up and there will be a desert biome. Explore and you will find...

Minecraft Seed Jonny appleseed

Seed: Jonny appleseed
Posted by 201255

This is a perfect survival island seed. You spawn near a tree,and once you mine it, turn around and you will find a...

Minecraft Seed 95432

Seed: 95432
Posted by SnakeEater

While at first it looks like an ordinary world, you soon discover that there's a lot more underneath. There's a hidden...

Minecraft Seed 4357700575662312675

Michael Sullivan
Seed: 4357700575662312675
Posted by michael_sullivan36@yahoo.com

Spawn on small island with REALLY DEEP LAKE. Larger island (plains) north, desert west.

Minecraft Seed icraft

Seed: icraft
Posted by thecoolguy

This seed is pretty simple but cool. Directly in front of spawn there is a village. Sadly, the village does not hage...

Minecraft Seed -4252708718610307890

Double Village
Seed: -4252708718610307890
Posted by crestedbarley27

Spawns you right in the middle of two large villages, both containing blacksmiths.