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Minecraft Seed 4357700575662312675

Michael Sullivan
Seed: 4357700575662312675
Posted by michael_sullivan36@yahoo.com

Spawn on small island with REALLY DEEP LAKE. Larger island (plains) north, desert west.

Minecraft Seed Rf

Seed: Rf
Posted by Herobrine

Spawn next to a hang over caves with a waterfall and lava fall and a flower biome!

Minecraft Seed -874825551401

mushroom plus under sea temple
Seed: -874825551401
Posted by flowernet

You spawn on a small island not far from a forest island and a mushroom island. There is also a sea temple (1.8) right...

Minecraft Seed 95432

Seed: 95432
Posted by SnakeEater

While at first it looks like an ordinary world, you soon discover that there's a lot more underneath. There's a hidden...

Minecraft Seed yogtowers

Yogcast Seed
Seed: yogtowers
Posted by Cobwebster

This seed spawns you in the middle of the ocean with very small islands, some provide you with trees and food and...

Minecraft Seed 13w22a

Water and Lava
Seed: 13w22a
Posted by waffledoctor87

If you need a quick source of cobblestone, there is a water lake right next to a lava lake about 50 blocks from a swamp...

Minecraft Seed ivemecookies

the kind is 11.1
Seed: ivemecookies
Posted by zoey

It has a cool cave

Minecraft Seed -8035070720912597422

Seed: -8035070720912597422
Posted by harbo

This seed isn't much but does have a temple close to spawn.

Minecraft Seed alexhead8858

Seed: alexhead8858
Posted by cat

Spawn in a village, right by a blacksmith, with one emerald. Only for Pocket edition 0.10.5