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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed mario

between bioms
Seed: mario
Posted by mirauchegal

You spawn between a jungle and ice plains.

Minecraft Seed -28090936150918956

Crazy amount of villages and temples
Seed: -28090936150918956
Posted by DarkAM

One picture is worth a thousand words. Let's get to the main point: - many biomes nearby - many villages nearby...

Minecraft Seed Squidward

Seed: Squidward
Posted by Brandon5023

Spawns you near 2 NPC Villages. Works only in Superflat.

Minecraft Seed walrus walrus walrus

Seed: walrus walrus walrus
Posted by TACOTIME100

This seed only works on flat land, and makes you spawn in a village.

Minecraft Seed imbored

Seed: imbored
Posted by wefweffr

Spawns you by a ravine with lots of ore and a tree in it!

Minecraft Seed Horrid Seed

Seed: Horrid Seed
Posted by Grace

When you get on this seed, look around and advent ugly you will find mountains that look like there is a bridge over...

Minecraft Seed sausagelemonyking

Dramatic Snowy Mountains
Seed: sausagelemonyking
Posted by chrisblue619

When you spawn, if you turn around, you will see huge ranges of white mountains. Have fun!

Minecraft Seed pokemon

Seed: pokemon
Posted by bjhovey

Spawn in a jungle next to a big lake. There's also a small taiga and pigs nearby. Therefore, there is ice in the lake...

Minecraft Seed heros village

MASSIVE NPC village!!!! (superflat seed)
Seed: heros village
Posted by Ninja0_o

WARNING!!! This is a superflat seed!!! You spawn at x: 593 z: 520 If you head east (don't move from spawn) for a...