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Minecraft Seed war

huge desert
Seed: war
Posted by odis511

There is a huge desert close to spawn. There's also a pyramid with good loot at x:-645 z:202

Minecraft Seed WORLD 0

1.10 Survival Island Large Biome
Seed: WORLD 0
Posted by Whiskey Wanker

Note: Must put large biomes on. A small island with one tree and some grass in the middle of the ocean, pray that you...

Minecraft Seed 2447840193895743095

Seed: 2447840193895743095
Posted by Theminecraftking

HUGE VILLAGER HOUSE! 80 blocks tall *amplified only* Seed:2447840193895743095 Cords:X: 280 / Y: 180 / Z: 280

Minecraft Seed dumbcow

Seed: dumbcow
Posted by nuke

Lots of caves and spawners

Minecraft Seed 2513709692913728044

The Sphinx
Seed: 2513709692913728044
Posted by Jintou

You start right next to a rock formation that looks a lot like the Sphinx, in a plain biome. There's a village in a...

Minecraft Seed jadestone rain

Seed: jadestone rain
Posted by gerbilscamper

Tiny village seed. Forgot the coordinates but turn north east from spawn and go straight ahead past the mountain with...

Minecraft Seed -5465619215092139468

Beautiful Starter Seed
Seed: -5465619215092139468
Posted by Samus959

A wonderful seed,it is very beautiful. It has plenty of room to build, beautiful surroundings, lovely beaches, tons of...

Minecraft Seed OH EM GEE

Posted by Creeper Lover

Spawns you next to a dungeon AND a pyramid (desert temple). Walk around for a bit and you'll find not one but TWO...

Minecraft Seed 1532835088

Seed: 1532835088
Posted by dragon_crafting

Spawns you near a village with a blacksmith with an iron sword, pickaxe, 2 boots and an iron ingot. There is also a...