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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed -542147323

Best Survival Island
Seed: -542147323
Posted by HomeBoy10

A great survival island seed. If you can live on this on hardcore for ten minecraft days, you are pretty much god. JK

Minecraft Seed worstseedever34why

Seed: worstseedever34why
Posted by jenna

Includes a chest filled with diamonds, emeralds, and A LOT of iron ingots.

Minecraft Seed Hot

Seed: Hot
Posted by Scientist

At the spawn area, you go straight to the right, and there is a snow covered island.

Minecraft Seed heros incantations

another hero seed!
Seed: heros incantations
Posted by Ninja0_o

another superflat hero seed! this time, customize superflat to desert! you spawn around x:363 z:304 ish, most of the...

Minecraft Seed -temple run

Seed: -temple run
Posted by Walnutlicence2

This seed has a desert temple with good loots.

Minecraft Seed war

huge desert
Seed: war
Posted by odis511

There is a huge desert close to spawn. There's also a pyramid with good loot at x:-645 z:202

Minecraft Seed jadestone rain

Seed: jadestone rain
Posted by gerbilscamper

Tiny village seed. Forgot the coordinates but turn north east from spawn and go straight ahead past the mountain with...

Minecraft Seed Soflat

Seed: Soflat
Posted by malice733

Lots of small flat areas, bumpy areas,and mountains. It has one of the largest cave systems i have ever seen. (Do the...

Minecraft Seed OH EM GEE

Posted by Creeper Lover

Spawns you next to a dungeon AND a pyramid (desert temple). Walk around for a bit and you'll find not one but TWO...