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Minecraft Seed Elbows

Village and end portal
Seed: Elbows
Posted by Jeterjrgirl

This world has a village and an end portal!Go forward and slightly left to get to the village. To find the end...

Minecraft Seed 2447840193895743095

Seed: 2447840193895743095
Posted by Theminecraftking

HUGE VILLAGER HOUSE! 80 blocks tall *amplified only* Seed:2447840193895743095 Cords:X: 280 / Y: 180 / Z: 280

Minecraft Seed -545357050

flatland + world chunks 1.3.2
Seed: -545357050
Posted by Interprise

This seed is a mixture on flat land with overworld chunks missing. This might be a good survival map, also its in 1.3.2

Minecraft Seed Soflat

Seed: Soflat
Posted by malice733

Lots of small flat areas, bumpy areas,and mountains. It has one of the largest cave systems i have ever seen. (Do the...

Minecraft Seed -732189584

Amazing mountains
Seed: -732189584
Posted by bananaspliterXL

Giant mountains off spawn, amazing view!

Minecraft Seed war

huge desert
Seed: war
Posted by odis511

There is a huge desert close to spawn. There's also a pyramid with good loot at x:-645 z:202

Minecraft Seed -6444466915932796749

Seed: -6444466915932796749
Posted by percila510

When you spawn, you're in a tiny patch of oak trees. But seriously, the patch is tiny. Next to it is a HUGE Plains...

Minecraft Seed Fuck this world

Seed: Fuck this world
Posted by joinjoin132

When you type this seed in you will get 3 byomes. Forest, desert, and plains.

Minecraft Seed dumbcow

Seed: dumbcow
Posted by nuke

Lots of caves and spawners