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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed 6556403093435400989

Seed: 6556403093435400989
Posted by pocketPerfectionist

This seed is filled with alot of hidden caves. Have Fun! :3

Minecraft Seed vvvvv

Seed: vvvvv
Posted by mondo

Extreme tunnels everywhere

Minecraft Seed aaaaaaa

7a's equals one jungle temple
Seed: aaaaaaa
Posted by true_legend8

This is a seed that spawns you in a jungle biome. Also there is a jungle temple under your feet when you spawn! That...

Minecraft Seed -6444466915932796749

Seed: -6444466915932796749
Posted by percila510

When you spawn, you're in a tiny patch of oak trees. But seriously, the patch is tiny. Next to it is a HUGE Plains...

Minecraft Seed 2513709692913728044

The Sphinx
Seed: 2513709692913728044
Posted by Jintou

You start right next to a rock formation that looks a lot like the Sphinx, in a plain biome. There's a village in a...

Minecraft Seed 6752

Seed: 6752
Posted by spellerman

Very good seed with a desert temple and a village.

Minecraft Seed mad magazine

Cole Zane
Seed: mad magazine
Posted by carbotchie

A nice village with no black smith, a desert, a forest and a jungle, all close together.

Minecraft Seed 729533006

Seed: 729533006
Posted by malice733

This is a strange seed. it keeps giving me a different map each time I start a new game! At first i spawned right next...

Minecraft Seed -545920866

Dread Isles
Seed: -545920866
Posted by Knighthawq

You get some very small islands, some grass, a cave and a tree. Good luck with that.