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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed heros luckiness

the best hero seed yet!
Seed: heros luckiness
Posted by Ninja0_o

If you want lots of biomes, this is definitley a seed for you. There's a desert, extreme hills, forest and snow all...

Minecraft Seed herobrine was here (superflat)

Herobrine's Village
Seed: herobrine was here (superflat)
Posted by blocksahoy271

The features shown only work in superflat. There's an NPC village nearby with a glitched out villager...

Minecraft Seed CastleEdgeHillTasticTastyFarts

Epic for a lets play!
Seed: CastleEdgeHillTasticTastyFarts
Posted by DannyRyu01

Tip:remember to use caps You start off on a small island with very flat vertical stone walls and you spawn on a...

Minecraft Seed givemeahouse

Seed: givemeahouse
Posted by Potsticka16

Mushroom Islands to the right about 20 blocks from spawn

Minecraft Seed this was not in the brochure!

Sjoerd Haring
Seed: this was not in the brochure!
Posted by Getsome

A large world completely covered in snow. You spawn really close to a huge dungeon with lava, gold, iron, coal and all.

Minecraft Seed shyguys toy box

tiny isle
Seed: shyguys toy box
Posted by kdmac

This seed makes tiny isles

Minecraft Seed gimmeabreak

Seed: gimmeabreak
Posted by supreme_grief

This world spawns you in an npc village

Minecraft Seed diamonds!!!

Ore frenzy
Seed: diamonds!!!
Posted by Albin

At first glance you seem to spawn on a tiny little island close to a lot of other small islands. However, hidden...

Minecraft Seed cj3636

Seed: cj3636
Posted by cj3636

This world spawns you a few blocks away from a HUGE cave with tons of ore and waterfalls.