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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed Fuck this world

Seed: Fuck this world
Posted by joinjoin132

When you type this seed in you will get 3 byomes. Forest, desert, and plains.

Minecraft Seed i  like pizza

Nate DeLeon
Seed: i like pizza
Posted by jj

This seed is awesome. It has diamonds where you first appear. You just have to look down and start mining. It will take...

Minecraft Seed -927925432623180651

Seed: -927925432623180651
Posted by dominic28

When you spawn dig strait down into a water pit and you will find diamonds in it.

Minecraft Seed herbione

Seed: herbione
Posted by no username

Spawn facing a water fall, with some trees around you. There are 4 cows behind you and a floating island of two...

Minecraft Seed DENEWS

Posted by malice733

Lots of snow and an awesome gorge where you could build a house and everything! Its kind of hidden though. Gorge- X:...

Minecraft Seed automix

Seed: automix
Posted by benboy01

This seed has a plane land and hills. Zzz, I know, but also it has interesting features. Spawn and see a group of pigs,...

Minecraft Seed -1833543834

Seed: -1833543834
Posted by malice733

Super HUGE mountain range! Lots of Floating Islands and Overhangs! I think it has more than deadmau5! Im really hoping...

Minecraft Seed 1256466430

Seed: 1256466430
Posted by HMSfootball63

Awesome Hills At Spawn Skeleton spawner x:-467 y:64 z:247 Skeleton Spawner #2 x:-818 y:39 z:676 Abandoned Mine...

Minecraft Seed seed are not pro

Seed: seed are not pro
Posted by Dandanthemadman

There is some clay where you spawn, next to a snow biome, hills and snowy hills. Small minecraft pocket edition.