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Minecraft Seed cocobar

Duncan3242's Jungle 2
Seed: cocobar
Posted by Duncan3242

You spawn on a mountain by the smallest forest biome ever, and you'll probably see a Jungle ahead. And in the picture...

Minecraft Seed 8675309

Seed: 8675309
Posted by sweeper1969

This seed starts near a crevasse. To the south is a set of tunnels with two nearby zombie spawners. To the north is a...

Minecraft Seed 1511348276

GIGANTIC Cave structures!
Seed: 1511348276
Posted by malice733

Huge cave systems! Check out these co-ords! X: -381, Y: 56, Z: 78 Go further down the tunnel and there will be a...

Minecraft Seed 3396408

Tyler Jaramillo
Seed: 3396408
Posted by epicliek

This seed is a tropical island. It's an island, you heared me! There is a jungle temple with a knock back book and a...

Minecraft Seed BlueBerryPie

Mountains & Craters
Seed: BlueBerryPie
Posted by DeathByPieLOL

(NOTE: This is 1.3.2, Large Biomes) You spawn near a tree, on one side of you should be a crater, the other a...

Minecraft Seed Echo 4-19

Seed: Echo 4-19
Posted by ou90

This is 1 single island and i just typed in a random seed.

Minecraft Seed Elbows

Village and end portal
Seed: Elbows
Posted by Jeterjrgirl

This world has a village and an end portal!Go forward and slightly left to get to the village. To find the end...

Minecraft Seed lolipop

Epic spawner/survival island
Seed: lolipop
Posted by true_legend8

This seed spawns you on an island with two trees. There is no land around. Not only an awesome island, there is also...

Minecraft Seed harbo

Seed: harbo
Posted by harbo

Amazing seed! It has a temple close to spawn with diamonds!