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Minecraft Seed lost

Seed: lost
Posted by mathmath2012

Jungle and mooshroom island !

Minecraft Seed -6239436737381387169

Village in a beautiful setting (Great amazon-like river)
Seed: -6239436737381387169
Posted by _Dwarf__

A small village surrounded by a forest with mushrooms and large trees and plains (there are also marsh behind and...

Minecraft Seed -1906412690

Seed: -1906412690
Posted by abbsgrace

This seed on super flat has 2 villages, each with a blacksmith shop not far form spawn.

Minecraft Seed shazoom

Seed: shazoom
Posted by scarylemon

This seed spawns you on a small island with 1 tree.

Minecraft Seed 134567890134567890

Seed: 134567890134567890
Posted by royal

Yhis seed spawns you right next to a village and under alot of things to mine

Minecraft Seed worstseedever

Seed: worstseedever
Posted by hobbanobba

Don't let the name of this seed fool you. It spawns you really close to a dungeon with moss stone, a monster spawner...

Minecraft Seed Echo 4-19

Seed: Echo 4-19
Posted by ou90

This is 1 single island and i just typed in a random seed.

Minecraft Seed BlueBerryPie

Mountains & Craters
Seed: BlueBerryPie
Posted by DeathByPieLOL

(NOTE: This is 1.3.2, Large Biomes) You spawn near a tree, on one side of you should be a crater, the other a...

Minecraft Seed 3396408

Tyler Jaramillo
Seed: 3396408
Posted by epicliek

This seed is a tropical island. It's an island, you heared me! There is a jungle temple with a knock back book and a...