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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed shazoom

Seed: shazoom
Posted by scarylemon

This seed spawns you on a small island with 1 tree.

Minecraft Seed BubbleGum

Epic jungle island!!!
Seed: BubbleGum
Posted by true_legend8

You spawn on a jungle island, and there are also some sheeps on the island.

Minecraft Seed Sprite

Seed: Sprite
Posted by EPICdude49

You spawn on an island with one tree sugar cane and lots of clay in the water. There's also a cave 10 blocks under...

Minecraft Seed -1033488169

Seed: -1033488169
Posted by harbo

Spawns you in a jungle in the desert where you can find a village with a temple.

Minecraft Seed formylord

Seed: formylord
Posted by ErikWithman783

For all thos who love epic forests and big dungeons !

Minecraft Seed -1140607552

Epic Extreme Hills
Seed: -1140607552
Posted by TheDutchCraftGamer

You spawn nearby a massive extreme hills biome with epic overhangs and waterfalls.

Minecraft Seed cocobar

Duncan3242's Jungle 2
Seed: cocobar
Posted by Duncan3242

You spawn on a mountain by the smallest forest biome ever, and you'll probably see a Jungle ahead. And in the picture...

Minecraft Seed dossier

Seed: dossier
Posted by KL

You spawn near a village with a stronghold underwater next to it.

Minecraft Seed Elbows

Village and end portal
Seed: Elbows
Posted by Jeterjrgirl

This world has a village and an end portal!Go forward and slightly left to get to the village. To find the end...