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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed lost

Seed: lost
Posted by mathmath2012

Jungle and mooshroom island !

Minecraft Seed cajagoogoo

Seed: cajagoogoo
Posted by dallamallama

Some of the cool things are: Floating island valley: 26 75 453 Low floating island: -279 66 405 L valley: 475 89...

Minecraft Seed formylord

Seed: formylord
Posted by ErikWithman783

For all thos who love epic forests and big dungeons !

Minecraft Seed 134567890134567890

Seed: 134567890134567890
Posted by royal

Yhis seed spawns you right next to a village and under alot of things to mine

Minecraft Seed WORLD 0

1.10 Survival Island Large Biome
Seed: WORLD 0
Posted by Whiskey Wanker

Note: Must put large biomes on. A small island with one tree and some grass in the middle of the ocean, pray that you...

Minecraft Seed -1906412690

Seed: -1906412690
Posted by abbsgrace

This seed on super flat has 2 villages, each with a blacksmith shop not far form spawn.

Minecraft Seed worstseedever

Seed: worstseedever
Posted by hobbanobba

Don't let the name of this seed fool you. It spawns you really close to a dungeon with moss stone, a monster spawner...

Minecraft Seed dossier

Seed: dossier
Posted by KL

You spawn near a village with a stronghold underwater next to it.

Minecraft Seed -1140607552

Epic Extreme Hills
Seed: -1140607552
Posted by TheDutchCraftGamer

You spawn nearby a massive extreme hills biome with epic overhangs and waterfalls.