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Minecraft Seed 31415926535897932384626433832795

Seed: 31415926535897932384626433832795
Posted by minecraftrocks

AWESOME SEED!!! on survival mode, go left up the hill and you'll see a waterfall. Pass it, and there will be an open...

Minecraft Seed 2722394864953865125

underwater stronghold
Seed: 2722394864953865125
Posted by Guest

It's good for an end survival map and a survival island map, because it has 1 tree and 2 libraries.

Minecraft Seed 700130125

Seed: 700130125
Posted by orshal4

You spawn on a island w/ another one near you! Perfect for adventure map making or survival.

Minecraft Seed EGGS

Seed: EGGS
Posted by roastbeef5

Has a village, some hills and a hidden revine in the grass, so watch out...

Minecraft Seed 9185346374415593600

Seed: 9185346374415593600
Posted by TaylorTucker

Big mineshaft near the spawn, with a lava and water pit also near it. Works in Version 1.1

Minecraft Seed cajagoogoo

Seed: cajagoogoo
Posted by dallamallama

Some of the cool things are: Floating island valley: 26 75 453 Low floating island: -279 66 405 L valley: 475 89...

Minecraft Seed lost

Seed: lost
Posted by mathmath2012

Jungle and mooshroom island !

Minecraft Seed thisseedisthebest

Seed: thisseedisthebest
Posted by bluey1086

If you dig down from your spawn point you will find a cave. Also close to your spawn point is a huge overground stone...

Minecraft Seed v

Canyon World
Seed: v
Posted by ljsibole@gmail.com

It's a giant canyon with many caves, hills, and deserts. My brother and I found this seed for pocket edition.