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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed 8936998158223775496

Seed: 8936998158223775496
Posted by Sketch

This epic seed will plant you down right between a forest and a massive mushroom biome. Behind the mushroom biome, a...

Minecraft Seed 4782123996032218528

Seed: 4782123996032218528
Posted by ryzenhuth

In this seed you will find a village at the coordinates of X: -1264; Y: 66.000; Z: 157 Have fun with the villagers....

Minecraft Seed omgthisisgoingtobetougth

new world
Seed: omgthisisgoingtobetougth
Posted by benboy01

Spawns you in a almost endless npc village, mostly in swap.

Minecraft Seed TinyTurtle

Seed: TinyTurtle
Posted by malice733

Large Survival Island with lots of animals, 1 tree, sugarcane, pumpkins, caves, ravines, and mushroom island. Have...

Minecraft Seed -3779328451438829693

Spawn near village
Seed: -3779328451438829693
Posted by asdfasdf

Spawn a short walk from a village.

Minecraft Seed -659687616

mushroom biome
Seed: -659687616
Posted by popben56

You spawn on a grassy island next to a mushroom biome! There's an underwater cave at x: -342.86549 y: 51.000 z:...

Minecraft Seed pokemonrumble

Duncan3242's Jungle
Seed: pokemonrumble
Posted by Duncan3242

Spawn by a: jungle, cave, and beach.

Minecraft Seed Ilikelol

Seed: Ilikelol
Posted by Blackburn501

This is a weird minecraft seed where you find vertical stone, and vertical dirt walls. Seed works for 1.5

Minecraft Seed qwop

Village w/ blacksmith
Seed: qwop
Posted by true_legend8

You spawn in a village on a plains. The village has a blacksmith and since its on a plains, there might be horses! I'm...