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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed omgthisisgoingtobetougth

new world
Seed: omgthisisgoingtobetougth
Posted by benboy01

Spawns you in a almost endless npc village, mostly in swap.

Minecraft Seed samsunggalaxy

Seed: samsunggalaxy
Posted by Thefireset

This seed is awesome! Just 50 blocks from spawn, there is a pyramid! In the same jungle, there are 2 jungle temples! I...

Minecraft Seed 1771749481093539701

Amazing cave system and emerald ore
Seed: 1771749481093539701
Posted by Crash_Shandicoot

This seed has a ravine on the edge of a desert and tundra biome. At the end there is another underground ravine where...

Minecraft Seed 1203814252

NPC village spawn
Seed: 1203814252
Posted by swiming123

Huge desert with pyramid, and jungle close by. Huge flat lands, a lot of sheep and testificates.

Minecraft Seed boom@noon

Seed: boom@noon
Posted by i rule

This seed has 5 gold, 10 diamonds, 100 iron and 2 minerals above your spawn point.

Minecraft Seed 8936998158223775496

Seed: 8936998158223775496
Posted by Sketch

This epic seed will plant you down right between a forest and a massive mushroom biome. Behind the mushroom biome, a...

Minecraft Seed 31415926535897932384626433832795

Seed: 31415926535897932384626433832795
Posted by minecraftrocks

AWESOME SEED!!! on survival mode, go left up the hill and you'll see a waterfall. Pass it, and there will be an open...

Minecraft Seed God

Seed: God
Posted by GreenFlaming1689

I tried this on my ps3 minecraft but not on pc. At night slimes spawn like crazy, skeletons with armor, zombies with...

Minecraft Seed pacman ghost

diamonds and village
Seed: pacman ghost
Posted by mylystra

Near the spawn is a mineshaft with 10 diamonds at the bottom, and an npc village with some iron armor and an iron sword.