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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed deserttemple2

Seed: deserttemple2
Posted by rayquaza89

Spawns you near a plain biome. If you explore, you will find a desert village. On the left side, there is a desert...

Minecraft Seed 1171544198849424676

Tutorial of Awsome
Seed: 1171544198849424676
Posted by WESLEY

Large island with castles and challenges, so many tunnels and tunnels, and so much more !

Minecraft Seed -5312634012084482820

Seed: -5312634012084482820
Posted by SL7205

This seed contain some great mountains, NPC village and desert temple with 5 diamonds!

Minecraft Seed Viking

Seed: Viking
Posted by toolchick

Spawned on little island with a bunch of animals around. I explored most of the world and didn't find any trees, but...

Minecraft Seed Herobrine Was Here

Seed: Herobrine Was Here
Posted by malice733

Large flat areas all around the map. One is at X:124 Y:73 Z:-6 XBOX EDITION 1.7.3

Minecraft Seed 1771749481093539701

Amazing cave system and emerald ore
Seed: 1771749481093539701
Posted by Crash_Shandicoot

This seed has a ravine on the edge of a desert and tundra biome. At the end there is another underground ravine where...

Minecraft Seed Seed

Seed: Seed
Posted by vel0cirapt0r

This seed makes you spawn near a village.

Minecraft Seed -8479155737742126446

Ocean Monument
Seed: -8479155737742126446
Posted by VaguerMoose

This seed has an ocean monument right next to spawn and it has good supplies for an island survival. There is also...

Minecraft Seed pacman ghost

diamonds and village
Seed: pacman ghost
Posted by mylystra

Near the spawn is a mineshaft with 10 diamonds at the bottom, and an npc village with some iron armor and an iron sword.