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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed -671258039

Seed: -671258039
Posted by scarylemon

There is a village near the spawn with a chest with 9 Diamonds and 2 iron chestplates in it.

Minecraft Seed pewdiepie

Seed: pewdiepie
Posted by MinecraftTristen

Giant jungle and, great place to kick!

Minecraft Seed little red riding hood

Seed: little red riding hood
Posted by nobdy

This seed goes from sea to forest to a huge cliff with a huge over hang with tons of caves and cows.

Minecraft Seed omgthisisgoingtobetougth

new world
Seed: omgthisisgoingtobetougth
Posted by benboy01

Spawns you in a almost endless npc village, mostly in swap.

Minecraft Seed Herobrine Was Here

Seed: Herobrine Was Here
Posted by malice733

Large flat areas all around the map. One is at X:124 Y:73 Z:-6 XBOX EDITION 1.7.3

Minecraft Seed boom@noon

Seed: boom@noon
Posted by i rule

This seed has 5 gold, 10 diamonds, 100 iron and 2 minerals above your spawn point.

Minecraft Seed IoWa

Seed: IoWa
Posted by Rmf20

Dig straight down from spawn and you will find a big cave with diamonds and emeralds and a mineshaft.

Minecraft Seed 547890215500

Crazy Big Hills!!!!!!
Seed: 547890215500
Posted by MinecraftPro

This is a great seed for all of your minecraft lovers! This is at X=298 Y=65 Z=329 And you're going to love this seed....

Minecraft Seed Viking

Seed: Viking
Posted by toolchick

Spawned on little island with a bunch of animals around. I explored most of the world and didn't find any trees, but...