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Minecraft Seed herobrine

herobrines revenge
Seed: herobrine
Posted by icegem915

Lots of caves with lots of iron and gold

Minecraft Seed 888888888888888

Seed: 888888888888888
Posted by minecraft fan 392

This seed is very good! You spawn at a cave entrance with iron ores. At the end of the cave is a dungeon that spawns...

Minecraft Seed 3522692

Seed: 3522692
Posted by CARcar569

This seed spawns you near a jungle !

Minecraft Seed 5500408806262801608

Seed: 5500408806262801608
Posted by Rhubarb_24

Amazing Underground Lake. Big Mountains. Underground rails. Underground lava lake: X, -156.66: Y, 13: Z, 684

Minecraft Seed new york

Seed: new york
Posted by R0nbl@d3r13

There is a village at x-297 z763 with a black smith. I dont know whats in the chest so go look for yourself. Wicth hut...

Minecraft Seed 8987628577347372846

Endless ocan
Seed: 8987628577347372846
Posted by Fun20land

Spawns you in a large ocean. There is no land and is good for creating survival maps.

Minecraft Seed -5312634012084482820

Seed: -5312634012084482820
Posted by SL7205

This seed contain some great mountains, NPC village and desert temple with 5 diamonds!

Minecraft Seed deserttemple2

Seed: deserttemple2
Posted by rayquaza89

Spawns you near a plain biome. If you explore, you will find a desert village. On the left side, there is a desert...

Minecraft Seed WallaceMerrett

Seed: WallaceMerrett
Posted by WallaceMerrett

A big place to build