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Minecraft Seed indianajones

Seed: indianajones
Posted by guest

A large jungle biome.

Minecraft Seed 6341279085820911866

This Seed Spawns You IN A Village
Seed: 6341279085820911866
Posted by joshissac

This Seed literally spawns you on the roof of a house in a village. Seed is for MC 1.5.2

Minecraft Seed -8187028377740605844

Water Village With Abandoned Mineshaft!
Seed: -8187028377740605844
Posted by TheBloodySword

This is a seed for a water village in a Tiaga biome. The village is average sized, with many large gardens. However,...

Minecraft Seed minecraft

Seed: minecraft
Posted by Bobby Joe jimbob

This seed makes you spawn near wolfs and keeps spawning more wolfs next to you

Minecraft Seed herobrine

herobrines revenge
Seed: herobrine
Posted by icegem915

Lots of caves with lots of iron and gold

Minecraft Seed 8987628577347372846

Endless ocan
Seed: 8987628577347372846
Posted by Fun20land

Spawns you in a large ocean. There is no land and is good for creating survival maps.

Minecraft Seed 7301042661524263971

Seed: 7301042661524263971
Posted by JacobG2004

Best seed I have ever seen in my life! Found a cave with an area with coal, iron, 4 diamonds, 2 emeralds and gold close...

Minecraft Seed 5500408806262801608

Seed: 5500408806262801608
Posted by Rhubarb_24

Amazing Underground Lake. Big Mountains. Underground rails. Underground lava lake: X, -156.66: Y, 13: Z, 684

Minecraft Seed 3522692

Seed: 3522692
Posted by CARcar569

This seed spawns you near a jungle !