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Minecraft Seed [F4N]

Seed: [F4N]
Posted by f4n.netai.net

I used my clan tag name and the seed that appeared was damn awesome. I'm not posting any screens. Explore it...

Minecraft Seed 6341279085820911866

This Seed Spawns You IN A Village
Seed: 6341279085820911866
Posted by joshissac

This Seed literally spawns you on the roof of a house in a village. Seed is for MC 1.5.2

Minecraft Seed Bismuth

Seed: Bismuth
Posted by bismuthguy123

This seed has a desert temple, a ravine and a village all close together. The village blacksmith is ok, but if you like...

Minecraft Seed indianajones

Seed: indianajones
Posted by guest

A large jungle biome.

Minecraft Seed 7019129903613633966

Ruins Abound
Seed: 7019129903613633966
Posted by ArtyButt

Spawn just North of a large NPC village, and west of a Jungle Temple. Lots of desert and several lava lakes. Didn't...

Minecraft Seed 998538147

9 Diamonds at Spawn in Desert Pyramid
Seed: 998538147
Posted by Jere

So you spawn into a desert biome. Next to spawn, you will find a desert pyramid with 9 diamonds!

Minecraft Seed 888888888888888

Seed: 888888888888888
Posted by minecraft fan 392

This seed is very good! You spawn at a cave entrance with iron ores. At the end of the cave is a dungeon that spawns...

Minecraft Seed minecraft

Seed: minecraft
Posted by Bobby Joe jimbob

This seed makes you spawn near wolfs and keeps spawning more wolfs next to you

Minecraft Seed 1171544198849424676

Tutorial of Awsome
Seed: 1171544198849424676
Posted by WESLEY

Large island with castles and challenges, so many tunnels and tunnels, and so much more !